Me Too: Bringing Awareness Through Stories & Music

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The Family Wash, 626A Main St, Nashville, TN 37206

It was only a matter of time before "Me Too" surfaced. Let's come together in the Nashville community, share our stories & music and acknowledge this matter has existed for way too long.

Communication is key. Courage is a must. It's about accepting what is and then allow change to occur.

I invite all of you this Friday, Oct 20th to The Family Wash for a "Happy Hour" musical experience (5pm to 7pm). The line up is almost complete. A few more to be announced!

For now, here's many of the beautiful souls playing Friday.... Jennifer Vazquez Wendy Parr Jes Justice Carol Sanchez Grace Bates Holly Bruce Autumn Marie Music EMY V Blackburn Joanna Barbera Gwen Levey Courtney Graf Pepper Said Rochelle Feldkamp

No Cover... Just bring you and your tribe!